Thank You! #Cherelladelphia

We did it. After months on the campaign trail, building this people-powered, diverse coalition of friends, neighbors, unions, organizations, and Democratic leaders from across the city, we showed up and showed out at the polls. I am so proud of the campaign that we ran, and all of the work we put in to help get out the vote. None of this was easy – the long days and late nights – but on Tuesday night, we emerged victorious and made history together.

I want to thank everyone who endorsed and supported our vision for this city. Having the confidence of so many behind me gave this campaign the charge it needed to run through the tape and win this thing.

I want to thank every supporter who took time out of their day to make calls, send texts, knock doors, host events, and talk to their friends and family about my platform. I know that there’s sometimes not enough hours in the day, so the fact that you worked so tirelessly on my behalf means the world to me. You are the reason why I’m the first woman to become the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia. And it’s on your behalf that I will continue to fight to ensure that Philadelphia becomes the safest, cleanest, greenest big city in the world.

It’s been an honor to have you beside me in this primary election. Thank you for having my back and for being on #TeamCherelle. I’m looking forward to taking all of the momentum that we’ve built into the General Election!